Chicano Murals from El Paso, Texas

Emiliano Zapata | Tierra Y Libertad

Photography by © 1997-2005 Sal Rojas | Digital Aztlan

In El Paso more than 100 murals have been painted since the mid-1960s. The murals, located throughout the city's various corridors, often depict themes common to Chicano muralism, such as mestizo heritage or social problems, but they also tell unique stories about the "merging of ideas, cultures, and dreams" along the United States-Mexico border. An attempt to preserve the murals, as well as to restore older ones or paint new ones, was sponsored in the early 1990s by the city's artists and the Junior League, which also published a brochure entitled Los Murales, Guide and Maps to the Murals of El Paso.

Chicano Murals from El Paso, Texas Part II

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