Doll-E Girl - It's FIRME
Serko Fu - Desde el Desnivel
Gab Gotcha - Why
Brownlucci - No Quarter Given
Mary Hellen - El Dulce
Sonora ft. Chingo Bling - Return of the Cumbia






Ed Gutter Release Fine Art & Collectible Tee Shirt

Acclaimed southland artist Ed Gutter is premiering his latest artwork, Speakeasy, in new format, as a limited edition tee shirt that includes a print and button, at a one-day only pop-up event at Til Death Studio. [More]

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Thru These Tainted Eyes - DJ Quad
DJ Quad (of the legendary 5th Battalion Entertainment hip-hop collective, on the west side of Los Angeles) has dropped a bomb on the music scene![More...]
Illicit Dialect - Violence, Poverty & Diseize84
Dialect is collective that consist of Akademex and Equipt from West Los Angeles, California; Illego, Kawz57, Diseize84 from Inglewood, California. Members of the camp include...[More...]
Ese Pato Loko - Street Therapy... Sessions For Life's Lessons
Ese Lil' Pato always showed Boyle Heights love and was proud of his lil' part of town. He said...[More...]
Krazy Race - The International Project
Hip hop is easily the most creative and most expressive subculture today. No other music since...[More...]
Kristastrophe - From a Poet's Point of View
Just picture a poetry-night atmosphere, Jim Morrison style, bass instrumental playing and fingers snapping. Then Kristastrophe comes in...[More...]
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