The Murals of Estrada Courts, East Los Angeles

THE SUN BATHERS Goez (Gil Hernandez) 1973 3287 Olympic Blvd. Acrylic on stucco, 32' x 24' Bathers with their feet projecting forward a la Mexican master David Alfaro Siqueiros (whose portrait is also in the mural).

DREAMS OF FLIGHT David Botello 1973-1978 3241 Olympic Blvd. Cal-Western acrylic , 32' x 24' The artist's first solo mural reveals some of his childhood fantasies.

MORATORIUM: THE BLACK AND WHITE MURAL Willie Herron and Gronk 1973 3221 Olympic Blvd. Acrylic on stucco, 25' x 15' A black-and-white photo-realist montage portraying the 1970 anti-Vietnam War Chicano Moratorium, as well as imagery condemning police brutality in the barrio. In 1980 Herron returned to paint (in color) he and his wife embracing in the mural's lower right corner.

WE ARE NOT A MINORITY El Congreso de Artistas Cosmicos de las Americas de San Diego (Mario Torero, Rocky, El Lton, Zade) 1978 3217 Olympic Blvd. Acrylic on stucco, 32' x 24' Tribute to Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara.

Untitled Indio and V. Cholo 1975 3281 Olympic Blvd. (walkway) Acrylic on stucco, 32' x 24' Leopard crouching in a tree.

Photography by ©Sal Rojas

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